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“Welcome to preview the new version of Flightradar24. We plan to release this as official version in about 2-3 weeks. The biggest news is that you can click on airports to get live arrival / departure boards. Other improvements are better search and playback. There are still some fixes left.

Please notice that the airport data is NOT official data, but is based on our route data and the speed/destination of the aircraft.”


A Mount Cook Airlines Avion de Transport Regional ATR-72-500 on behalf of Air New Zealand, flight NZ-5046 from Christchurch to Wellington (New Zealand) with 60 people on board, aborted the approach to Wellington due to an unsafe gear indication and went into a holding to work the relevant checklists. The crew was able to receive gear down and locked indications for all gear thereafter and landed safely at Wellington.

A Carpatair Fokker 100, registration YR-FZA performing flight V3-438 from Rome Fiumicino (Italy) to Timisoara (Romania) with 98 people on board, was in the initial climb out of Fiumicino’s runway 25 when the crew reported smoke in the cockpit, levelled off at about 3000 feet, returned to Fiumicino’s runway 34L for a safe landing about 10 minutes later and taxied to the apron without needing further assistance.

An observer on the ground reported runways 25 and 34L were closed for about 30 minutes due to runway inspections.

A British Airways Airbus A321-200, registration G-EUXL performing flight BA-1486 from London Heathrow,EN to Glasgow,SC (UK), was climbing through about FL200 out of London Heathrow’s runway 27R when the crew declared PAN reporting they were lightheaded, levelled off at FL220 and decided to return to Heathrow for a safe landing on runway 27R about 30 minutes after departure.

A replacement Airbus A321-200 registration G-EUXF reached Glasgow with a delay of 3 hours.

Great Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority confirmed both flight crew were light headed and after landing reported to emergency services that they both nearly passed out. The passenger oxygen masks were automatically released. The Air Accident Investigation Branch have opened an investigation.

A passenger reported that there was a call on public audio from the cockpit requesting a senior cabin crew member to the flight deck, then cabin crew began to rush carrying portable oxygen cylinders and oxygen masks to the cockpit.

A China Eastern Airbus A330-200, registration B-6099 performing flight MU-298 from Hamburg to Frankfurt/Main (Germany), rejected takeoff from Hamburg’s runway 23 at low speed due to an abnormal engine (Trent 772) indication and returned to the apron.

The aircraft was able to depart about 2 hours later and continued to Shanghai (China) via Frankfurt.

A KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70, registration PH-KZP performing flight KL-1177 from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Trondheim (Norway) with 69 people on board, was climbing out of Amsterdam’s runway 24 when the crew reported a burning smell on board and decided to return to Amsterdam. The aircraft levelled off at 4000 feet and landed safely on runway 18R about 11 minutes after departure. After landing the crew reported the smell had dissipated and taxied to the apron with emergency services following the aircraft.